Your gift today to Whatcom Land Trust will deepen your story of connection, gratitude and action on behalf of the Whatcom lands you love.

Like gifts that flow freely from nature, your gift is hopeful story, flowing back into the land through our work.

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The story of our love for Whatcom’s special places is rooted in connection, gratitude and action.

As you determine your year-end charitable gifts, please consider why your investment - and our collective investment in Whatcom Land Trust matters, now more than ever. It's all about optimism and the future, leaning our shoulders and spirit into the good, hard work of land preservation. I invite you to join me in making a generous tax-deductible donation of $60, $150, $600 or more today. This is your gift of optimism and unity of spirit to future generations of people, land and species that will continue the work and the stories we begin today.Thanks in advance for your gift and your support. See you on the land!

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